Blender ORIONE 2 Q/ VV

Tootekood: Blender ORIONE 2 Q/ VV

*Blender ORIONE 2 Q/ VV, professional mixer designed to cater for specific requirements of bars, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

• Extruded aluminium machine body and sides in ABS.

• Membrane sealing system to prevent fluids from entering inside the machine.

• Powerful motor with forced ventilation, for prolonged use and enhanced durability.

• Magnetic safety micro-switch on glass lid without forced position.

• Siliconic membrane controls with ON, OFF Pulse button and NVR device.

• Speed variator.

• 2-Litre square glass made in unbreakable transparent Tritan, graduated in litres, UK and U.S. gallons.

• Very practical, with possibility of pouring in 3 different directions, ideal in the preparation of frozen drinks, Smoothies with syrups and concentrates.

• Glass lid in rubber with plug for adding ingredients.

• Stainless steel transmission hub body; can be easily separated from the glass body for easy cleaning.

• Cutters shaft supported by ball bearings to prevent overheating and to guarantee enhanced durability.

• Star drive in high-resistance sintered steel.

• 4-Spoke cutter obtained from a single pressing of hardened steel for blades also suitable for crushing ice.

• The square glass was designed for optimal operation with large quantities of ice, even of the dry type.

• Practical and functional: the product can be poured in 3 different directions.

• Ideal in the preparation of frozen drinks, Smoothies with syrups and concentrates.

• Multi-point motor drive in stainless steel.

Other versions:

• 1 or 2 glass version

• Orione Timer: manual adjustment timer and automatic machine switch off

• Orione Plus: electronic version with 9 pre-set processing programs.

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