Tootekood: Blender ORIONE FIVE

Blender ORIONE FIVE, professional mixer designed to cater for specific requirements of bars, restaurants, cafeterias, etc., particularly suitable for preparing whips as well as fruit and vegetable drinks, creams, soups, sauces, shakes and to homogenize, prepare sauces, etc.

• Machine body in stainless steel.

• Membrane sealing system to prevent fluids from entering the machine.

• Powerful motor with forced ventilation, for prolonged use and enhanced durability.

• Magnetic safety micro-switch on glass lid without forced position.

• Siliconic membrane controls with ON, OFF Pulse button and NVR device.

• Speed variator.

• 5-Litre round glass in stainless steel.

• Glass lid in PE and sealer, locked with hinges and with plug for adding ingredients.

• Stainless steel transmission hub body; can be easily separated from the glass body for easy cleaning.

• Cutters shaft supported by bronze bushes.

• Metal driver with opposing teeth, ideal to withstand processing of hot products.

• 4-Spoke cutter obtained from a single pressing of hardened steel for blades also suitable for crushing ice.

Kiire tarne

Üle 10 000 toote

Maksa 3-s võrdses osas

0€ sissemaks


245 mm


260 mm


540 mm

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