Lauapealne külmvitriin THAYA 600

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Product description

the new product range of serve over, top table counters brings attractive design and innovation to any fast-food outlets, restaurants, supermarket’s “fresh corners” and fuel stations. The showcase THAYA is offered both in COLD as well as HOT version, thus may present a very wide range of food from baguettes, sandwiches, desserts to grilled chicken, pizza and the like such as baguettes, sandwiches, drinks, pastries, etc.

Serve over

Variants HOT and COLD

Available sizes: GN1, GN, GN2 High, GN3

Top table or DROP-IN by removing the front panel easily

LED lighting

Stainless steel construction

Mirror Back doors

Removable shelves

Technical information:

Manutal thermostat

Operating temperature +30 / +90°C (at ambient temperature +25°C / 60% RH)

Fine air-flow thanks to radial built-in fan

Water tray for humidification of inner space

Voltage 230V / 50Hz

Kiire tarne

Üle 10 000 toote

Maksa 3-s võrdses osas

0€ sissemaks

Mõõdud (mm)

600 x 718 x 587,5

Temperatuur (°C)


Elektritarve (24/h)


Võimsus (W)


Vool (V)




Kaal (kg)





roostevaba teras

Riiuleid (tk.)

1 tk.


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