Espressomasin STILO L, 3

Tootekood: Espressomasin STILO L, 3

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Espressomasin STILO L, 3

Espressomasin STILO L, 3. Automatic machine with programmable dosage.

Body in stainless steel

Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass

Standard electronic auto-fill system

2-LED water level indicator

Volumetric touch pads (0 to 3000 cc), 4 doses/group + continuous brewing

Electronic heating element with safety thermostat

Programmable automatic hot water dispenser

Two steam wands

Optional accessories:

Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group

Hot water mixer

Cup warmer

Electronic boiler temperature control (Thermo-PID)

LED lights to light up the working area

“Tall-Cup” version for 135 mm tall cups

Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups

Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother

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