Šokolaadilett GEORGIA III 0,6 m

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Georgia III is ranked among luxury types of cabinets by its style and design. The cabinet is intended mainly for the presentation and sale of pastry goods. Wide range of variants offers the possibility to install whole customized lines.

The three shelves and the bottom shelf are refrigerated. Under each glass shelf there are fluorescent lights which increase the attractiveness of the displayed goods. All glass panels (except glass shelves) are made of insulating and tempered double glass. Sliding doors are fitted in the back part for easy access, hinged curved front glass is designed for easy maintenance. The operation of the showcase is controlled electronically, including automatic defrosting. The cooling by forced air circulation provides perfect cooling for the entire display area of the showcase.

  • adjustable feet
  • exhibition board from waterproof plywood – high resistance, INOX exhibition board
  • foamed with polyurethane “CFC-free” with a density of 33 kg/m
  • special version for chocolate and pralines with a temp. range of 14 to 16 °C (humidity of refrigerated space up to 45%)
  • available also in versions self-service, hot, neutral

Tootekood: Šokolaadilett GEORGIA III 0,6 m

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