Konvektsioonahi EKF 411.3 DS


Excellent technical features and no-fuss design for an oven with a small footprint but impressive performance. Use it to cook bit-size pizzas and quiches or heat frozen food, getting excellent results thanks to the button-operated humidity control feature and boosted heat output.
The oven is extremely intuitive to operate and made even simpler by the electronic control panel, which you can tailor to your personal requirements with no less than 99 programs, allowing you to cook in 4 stages.

Mõõdud (LxSxK, mm):


Temperatuur (°C):


Vool (V):

AC 380/400 2N

Voolu tarbimine (W):


Riiuleid (tk.):

4 tk.

Riiulite vaheline kõrgus (mm):


Kaal (kg):