Glasswasher 40×40 – electromechanical control

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Business client credit payment starting at 43.55€ / month, 0€ contract fee. Modena

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Very easy in use, cleaning, maintenance and even servicing.Perfect for washing mugs, cups, glasses, cutlery, plates.Electromechanical controls.
Housing made of stainless steel AISI 304.
Separate stainless steel spray arms for washing and rinsing.
Solid double-skin door.
Washing cycles number/duration: 1/120 s.
Capacity: up to 30 baskets/h.
Water consumption per cycle: 2-2,5 l (depending on water pressure).
Washing water temperature: 62°C, rinse water temperature: 85°C.
Boiler (capacity/power): 3,5 l/2,5 kW.Tank (capacity/power): 17 l/2,5 kW.Pump power: 0,1 HP.Safety thermostat for boiler/for tank up to 105°C/99°C.IP44 protection class.
Weight 39 kg.

– 1x universal baskets 400x400x(H)150 mm for glasses
– 1x basket with pins 400x400x(H)110 mm for plates
– 1x cutlery basket 110x110x(H)130 mm
– water supply hose length 1,5 m with connection 3/4” inner thread
– drain hose length 2 m Ø 25 mm
– power cord without plug
– rinse aid dispenser
Preparred for detergent pump installation (screw in tank rear wall). Vertically
Adjustable legs: ±10 mm, Ø 40 mm.

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