50×60 dishwasher for trays and pots – electronically controlled, with detergent dosing system and drain pump

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Credit payment starting at 158.93€ / month, 0€ contract fee. Modena

Business client credit payment starting at 158.93€ / month, 0€ contract fee. Modena

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Specialised dishwasher, perfect for washing and scalding pots, GN containers, 600×400 mm confectionery trays, flasks, trays or cutlery. 3 electronically controlled washing cycles: 120s, 180s, 240s. Scalding temperature: 82°C. Washing temperature: 60°C. Boiler capacity/power: 7.4 L/4 kW (236567). 7.4 L/6 kW (236574). Basin capacity/power: 58 L/4 kW (236567). 58 L/6 kW (236574). Electronic touch panel. Automatic cleaning system. Pump tightness coefficient: IP 44. Large basket: 500×600 mm. Two-layer housing made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Washing and rinsing arms made of stainless steel. Weight: 57 kg. EQUIPMENT: – Detergent dispenser. – Rinse aid dispenser. – Electronic thermometer in boiler. – Electronic thermometer in basin. – 1,2 kW washing pump. – Drain pump. – Plate basket 500x600x(H)105 mm. – Universal basket 500x600x(H)105 mm. – Cutlery basket 110x110x(H)130 mm.

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