Lauapealne kuumvitriin ADDA 2GN 0,7 m

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The counters are especially suitable for sale of pizza, grilled chicken, pasta and similar. They are ideal for fuel stations, fastfood outlets, supermarket’s „fresh corners“. The display has only small request for footprint but provides a big sales capacity thanks to 3 sales levels (2 adjustable shelves)

– Fully self-service
– To be used as a top counter or a build-in counter
– Mirrored door at service side for more attractiveness of displayed food
– Complete from stainless steel
– Temperature range +30/+85 °C*
– Fine air-flow thanks to build in fan
– Water tray for humidification of inside space

By ambient condition of +25 °C and 60% relative humidify

Tootekood: Lauapealne kuumvitriin ADDA 2GN 0,7 m


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