Lauapealne külmvitriin BIG HORN

Tootekood: Lauapealne külmvitriin BIG HORN, 1.3 m

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The refrigerated case Bighorn with modern design is ideal for presentation and sale of cooled products and is especially convenient for small and medium size shops. The display area of the case is equipped with two shelves and bottom, there is also a fluorescent light in the upper part of the case. The easy access to displayed products allows the sell over model the back sliding glass and the self service model the front hinged perplexes. The refrigerated show case Bighorn Remote has got an aggregate placed away from the showcase. The maximum distance of 2 meters (standard), is designed for chilled food presentation and sale. The showcase is connected to the aggregate unit by thermoplastic hoses and quick-acting couplings, which enable fast connection without the necessity of contacting specialised engineers. The next big advantage is greater flexibility, in placing the aggregate under the showcase and also the possibility to disconnect and reconnect the unit in the future. Wherever deciding to place the aggregate, make sure there is good ventilation, to increase the cooling systems’ life.

Technical data:

– stainless-steel construction

– front, side and back double insulated glass (low costs)

– adjustable feet

– static cooling

– electronic control of the unit

– temperature range: +2/+12 °C (designed for +25°C and 60°r.h.)

– automatic defrosting and evaporation of condensate water

– refrigerating gas R404a/R134a

– desk foamed up with polyurethane CFC free with density 40 kg/m3

– the aggregate can be placed on the right or on the left side of unit

– three model lengths – versions:

-Bighorn – 1302 mm

-Bighorn Remote – 705 mm, 1005 mm

Two performance:

– sell over model with front insulated double glass (removable KIT) and with back sliding door

– self-service model with front hinged perplexes (removable KIT) and with back sliding door

Construction characteristics: 

– new design

– insulated double glases – low costs

– two module lines by model Bighorn remote

– the glass case cover and the show

– part is made from stainless steel (AISI 304 18/8)

– inner lighting

– 2 shelves

– the cooling system on the left or the right side by model Bighorn

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