Lauapealne külmvitriin ADDA SMALL, 0.7 m

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The counters are especially suitable for sale of baguettes, sandwiches, pastries. They are ideal for fuel stations, fast-food outlets, supermarket’s „fresh corners“. The display has only small request for footprint but provides a big sales capacity thanks to 3 sales levels (2 adjustable shelves).

– Fully self-service
– To be used as a top counter or a build-in counter
– Mirrored door at service side for more attractiveness of displayed food
– Complete from stainless
– Temperature range +2+/6 °C*
– Air ventilated with electronic controller
– Automatic defrosting and evaporation

By ambient condition of +25 °C and 60% relative humidity.

Tootekood: Lauapealne külmvitriin ADDA SMALL, 0.7 m
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