Lauapealne külmvitriin RHEIN 1000, 0,82 m

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This cooling box can be utilized not only in cafeterias but also in fast food restaurants, in hotels for preparing of breakfast or salads presentations.

Technical data:
– 2 models: 82cm, 138 cm
– complete stainless steel construction
– plug-in
– electronic control of the unit
– static cooling with foamed evaporator
– temperature range: +2/+8 °C (designed for +25°C and 60% relative humidity)
– voltage 230V/50Hz/1Ph
– coolant R 404 a
– the aggregate can be placed on the left or on the right side
– max depth of containers 100 mm (providing containers on request only)
– accessories: removable acrylglass cover
(the upper acrylglass cover and GNcontainers are not included in the unit price of the case)

Tootekood: Lauapealne külmvitriin RHEIN 1000, 0,82 m

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Temperatuur (°C):

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