Kondiitrilett VIRGINIA LOW, 1.0 m

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An attractive showcase for selling desserts, sweets and other delicacies. This showcase can be easily integrated into the serving lines / issue counters and it is ideal for pastry shops, bakeries, restuarants, gas stations, ships and so on. Virginia is produced in the height sizes: 1094 mm /2 shelves (low) or 1324 mm / 3 shelves (standard). It is available in serve over and self-service versions which allows easy access to dispayed goods for the customers as well.

– Versions: serve over and self-service
– Available in DROP-IN modification which is suitable for installation into issue counter (hole dimensions 960×720 mm)
– Double tempered glass
– LED lighting (intense) – upper and lower
– Wide colour options for unit casing

Technical information:
– Ventilation cooling, electronic control unit
– Front double glass – serve over version
– Front sliding doors (double glass) – self-service version
– Rear sliding doors
– Automatic defrost and evaporation
– Quick and easy maintenance
– Refrigerant R134a

Tootekood: Kondiitrilett VIRGINIA LOW, 1.0 m
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