Kondiitrilett GEORGIA SQUARE INOX COLD, 1,5 m

Tootekood: Kondiitrilett GEORGIA SQUARE INOX COLD, 1,5 m

Product description

The model series Square belongs to the widespread category of Georgia pastry cabinets. Its design addresses customers who want to atract people by unusual way.

The combination of stainless steel, double-thermo-insulating glass and straight aspect of the Square models sets it apart from the common units with rounded shapes.

These showcases are intended for sale of confectionery and pastry products. Model range consists from cold, hot and neutral variants.

Under each shelf there is a fluorescent light, which increases the attractiveness of displayed goods. COLD model has glass shelves, the HOT is provided with grids. All glass parts (excluding shelves) are made of thermo – insluating double glass.

Rear sliding doors provide easy access to the unit. The showcase is controlled automatically by the electronic control unit, including automated defrosting. Perfect cooling of the COLD model interior is provided by forced air circulation.

To avoid drying of displayed products the HOT model is equiped with a water tank at the bottom. The heating elements positioned above this tank are causing slight evaporation of water into the exhibition area – remoistening.

The Square series is equipped with casters for better handling. The rear wheels have brakes.

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