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Simple to use, the professional line of our machines is the perfect outfit for the production of ice cream for restaurants and catering. Completely made in stainless steel, non-removable bowl, equipped with an integrated cooling system, robust stainless steel blade, differ only in their capacity of work.

Technical Sheet

Max ingredients capacity (L) 3,5
Bowl capacity (L) 15
Preparation time (min) 30/40
Dimension height, width, depth (cm) 85x44x60
Net weight (kg) 105
Power (W) 1200
Paddle iduction motor (RPM) 76
Mechanic timer (min) 60
Standard current single phase 230/50 – 230/60
Refrigerant  R404A
Body Stainless Steel

Tootekood: Jäätisemasin CONSUL
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