Gaasi pitsaahi QUBO 70 TOP

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Gaasi pitsaahi QUBO 70 TOP pizza oven is the CompactFlame device for commercial kitchens. A perfect mix combining the unique design of Alessandro Andreucci . Qubo starts from 70 cm depth and 150 kg, It is perfect for chefs and hoteliers who want to save kitchen space. Made entirely in stainless steel to ensure flexibility and total hygiene. Qubo pizza oven has been studied for small spaces or kitchens without any chimney flue exit as others pizza ovens require.

The CompactFlame technology allows to reach 450°C in only 30 minutes and will help chefs and pizza makers to bake real Neapolitan pizzas in just one minute. The control panel enables you to regulate the flame, temperature and thermal radiation easily. Qubo doesn’t require long installation time or building works. It is ready to use. There is a smoke control valve to regulate the temperature.

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