Konvektsioonahi EKF 711 EV


Rediscover the quality and flavours of traditional cooking. The innovative combi-steamer, with its electronic control panel giving access to 99 programs and 4 stages, is extremely easy and intuitive to operate. Baked pasta, meat roasts, chickens and fish baked in foil, as well as particularly delicate dishes, such as restaurant desserts and meats that need slow cooking. The highly thermally efficient boiler means you can steam all manner of food, sure in the knowledge that it will be cooked to perfection with little water usage.

Mõõdud (LxSxK, mm):


Temperatuur (°C):


Vool (V):

AC 380/400 3N

Voolu tarbimine (W):


Riiuleid (tk.):

7x AISI 304 TRAY 1/1 GN

Riiulite vaheline kõrgus (mm):


Kaal (kg):