Iseteenindusletid GEORGIA III SPLIT, 1,5 m


 Product description

In COMBI and SPLIT displays you can display goods in two separated cooling areas – to have a self-service and service display in a single unit, whereas it retains stylish design of the whole Georgia III range of displays.

  • SPLIT version = 2 separate cooling areas in one case, both parts for serve over

The self service area has 2 shelves and temp. range +4 / +8 °C. Serve over area has 3 shelves and same temp. range. Anyway because of each area is controlled by independent control unit you can set different temperature for each area.

All glass panels (excluding glass shelves) are made of insulating and tempered double glass. For easy access, sliding doors are fitted in the back part; hinged curved front glass is designed for easy maintenance.

Under each glass shelf there is a fluorescent light which increases the attractiveness of the displayed goods. The operation of the showcase is controlled electronically, including automatic defrosting. The cooling by forced air circulation provides perfect cooling for the entire display area of the showcase. There is also an option to order a special version on wheels. However if you need a display that fits to the standard Georgia III range of displays we recommend version without wheels.

Iseteenindusletid GEORGIA III SPLIT, 1,5 m

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