Fantastic combination of a chamber vacuum packing machine and a low temperature cooking device

Quick compact vacuum packing machine for small servings.

– Easily set vacuum and sealing times.

– Easily removable sealing bar.

– Busch suction pump.

– Display vacuum percentage and remaining time

– Save last setting

– Cycles counter and pump usage counter

– Pump preheating and oil cleaning cycle

– Oil change message

– Timed external vacuum

– Manual lid

– Aisi 304 stainless steel tray.

Static appliance for low temperature cooking.

– Powerful armoured contact heating elements in the bottom of the tank

– Aisi 304 stainless steel tank

– Electronic temperature control system with temperature and operating time display

– Same control system of the Softcooker with delta T of 0.2° C

•5 programs that can be saved

•Temperature can be set in C° and F°

•Tank lid provided as standard equipment

– Audible alarm when temperature reached

– Audible alarm at end of cooking time.