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  • kondiitrilett-GOLOSOkondiitrilett-GOLOSO

    Lauapealne külmvitriin Coloso, 0.43 m

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    – Frame in black painted polyurethane, with internal parts in stainless steel AISI 304
    – Same color stainless steel ventilation grids
    – Panoramic curved front glass and hinged door operator side
    – 5 rotating removable crystal shelves (mirror bottom one); diam. 320mm
    – Ventilated refrigeration with automatic defrosting and automatic evaporation of defrost water
    – LED lighting with high luminous efficiency and energy savings
    – Electronic control unit with display and control panel
    – Feet as standard

  • Vitriinlett-kentucky-1gnkylmvitriin-kentucky-gold-gn-1-tagant

    Lauapealne külmvitriin KENTUCKY 1GN, 0.48 m

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    The cooling is ensured by forced air circulation, automatic defrosting with condensate evaporation. The operation is controlled by a thermostat. The upper part of the showcase is provided with fluorescent lighting. A removable rack allows the extension of the display area. Big advantage of this cooling box is its technical solution concerning front and side glass warm-air blowing coming from the condensor. The openings on the external sides of the box avoid the humidity condensation on the glass while the higher humidity in outer space and lower temperature inside the box.

    Technical data
    complete stainless-steel construction
    front curved glass – easy removable
    forced air circulation – equal distribution of air
    automatic defrosting of the evaporator
    automatic evaporation of condensate water
    electronic control of the unit
    designed for +25°C and 60°r.h.
    four model lengths – versions:
    standard – 1 GN, 2 GN, 3 GN, 4 GN
    high – 2 GN, 3 GN
    self-service – 2 GN, 3 GN
    1 GN, 2 GN with back hinged door
    3 GN, 4 GN with back sliding door
    accessories: cutting board, front display menu panel.

  • kondiitrilett-MUSA-120-Rkondiitrilett-MUSA-120-R-joonis

    Lauapealne külmvitriin MUSA 120 R, 0.55 m

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    – Thermodynamics R290
    – White LED backlit soft-touch control unit with advanced saving function
    – Color LED temperature at the customer’s choice: 3,000 K or 6,500 K
    – No. 4 removable rotating crystal plates
    – Elegant frame in black anodized aluminum
    – Double glazing three glass-sheets on each side, framed and sealed, with a
    dry air insulation, for maximum insulation performance
    – Large embedded stainless-steel handle

  • Lauapealne külmvitriin THAYA 600, 0.6 mvitriinlett-thaya-tagantvaade

    Lauapealne külmvitriin THAYA 600, 0.6 m

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    Product description
    the new product range of serve over, top table counters brings attractive design and innovation to any fast-food outlets, restaurants, supermarket’s “fresh corners” and fuel stations. The showcase THAYA is offered both in COLD as well as HOT version, thus may present a very wide range of food from baguettes, sandwiches, desserts to grilled chicken, pizza and the like such as baguettes, sandwiches, drinks, pastries, etc.

    Serve over
    Variants HOT and COLD
    Available sizes: GN1, GN, GN2 High, GN3
    Top table or DROP-IN by removing the front panel easily
    LED lighting
    Stainless steel construction
    Mirror Back doors
    Removable shelves
    Technical information:

    Manutal thermostat
    Operating temperature +30 / +90°C (at ambient temperature +25°C / 60% RH)
    Fine air-flow thanks to radial built-in fan
    Water tray for humidification of inner space
    Voltage 230V / 50Hz

  • vitriinlett-rtw100

    Lauapealne külmvitriin RTW 100, 0.7 m

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    Väga hea hinna ja kvaliteediga lauapealne külmvitriin, taga lükanduksed, 2 riiulit, LED-valgustus, roostevabast terasest korpus. Digitaalne juhtpult, väga kena disain. Ideaalne toode väiksematele kohvikutele, kus pole palju ruumi.