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Konvektsioonahi EKF 611 CTC

SKU: konvektsioonahi-EKF-523-UD-1

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Product Summary

In just 50 cm wide includes all the features aimed at achieving optimum cooking uniformity. A compact combi oven, fast, intuitive and simple. Designed for restaurants that need to combine all the technology of a cutting-edge product with the limited spaces of kitchen environments. The oven already offers as standard equipment the core probe with support, Automatic cleaning and the USB port on the door. Maximum efficiency in minimum space.

USB port to upload and download recipes and HACCP data
240 storable recipes (40 set, 200 user-settable)
Start-up timer with 23 hours and 59 minutes delay
13 languages
(italian, french, english, german, spanish,rumanian, polish, bulgarian, ukrainian,
Quick fastening of lateral supports
Readily serviceable door internal glass
AISI 304 stainless steel wide cooking chamber
Embedded gasket
“All glass” door with “satin-finish” AISI 304 stainless steel side profiles
Screen-printed glass control panel
Automatic flushing integrated
Cabinet water protection rating: IPX5
Direct chimney for cooking fumes/steam
Chamber drain for liquids
Double connection water entry (normal and softened)
Forced cooling system of inner parts
Quick cooling of cooking chamber
Adjustable door hinges
CB certification

Product Attributes

  • Mõõdud (LxSxK, mm):: 500x892x679
  • Temperatuur (°C):: 30 ÷ 260 (°C)
  • Vool (V):: AC 380/400 3N
  • Voolu tarbimine (W):: 7800
  • Riiuleid (tk.):: 6 tk. 1/1 GN
  • Riiulite vaheline kõrgus (mm):: 68
  • Kaal (kg):: 65
  • Niisutus:: otse niisutus, puutetundliku kontrolleriga juhitud, 10 astet
  • Ventilaatorite arv (tk):: 1 tk. kahesuunaline
  • Voolukaabel:: 5x2,5 mm, 1,6 m
  • Uks:: avaneb paremale
  • Kaitsemärgis:: IPX5
  • Pakendi mõõdud (mm): 562x952x847

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